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15 February 2022 - 16 February 2022
Sustainable Agriculture for the 21st Century

The Event

This two-day online event is a showcase of the excellent research happening in Wales (with special guests from leading EU institutions) which is helping to deliver agricultural systems fit for the 21st century. Our vision is sustainable agriculture which sustains communities and local economies while contributing to combatting both the climate and nature crises. The event aims to create connections between researchers, potential industry partners and other stakeholders with a view to tapping into the funding opportunities within the €95.5 billion Horizon Europe programme.

The format will be 2 days of sessions held on February 15th and 16th, as well as two weeks of open-plan brokerage time where attendees and presenters can network, hold 1:1 meetings, and organise breakout sessions.

The Opportunity

Horizon Europe is the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation with a budget of €95.5 billion, in which UK institutions are eligible to participate. Whilst sustainable agriculture is a broad topic that has many linkages throughout the Horizon programme, it is particularly well aligned with the upcoming calls under Cluster 6 (Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment) and Cluster 5 (Climate, Energy and Mobility) of Pillar 2.

While presentations will highlight important recent research innovations, the focus will be looking forward towards future research opportunities. Speakers will use their presentations to draw out capabilities, skills, platforms, potential matched funding or policy needs to spark new ideas and ignite new collaborations.


Agriculture is a core part of Welsh culture and everyday life, with 88% of land in Wales used for one form of agriculture or another. It is no surprise then, that Welsh universities are leaders in agriculture and environmental research. The research community in Wales punches above it's weight and is especially strong in it's contributions towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

As well as underpinning culture, jobs and food security, agriculture also has a major role to play in both the nature and climate emergencies facing societies around the world. Transitioning to sustainability can have benefits for agricultural industries and those that work within them as well as the health and happiness of both society and the natural environment. Driven by new practices, new knowledge and understanding, and new technologies, the role of research and innovation in delivering this transition cannot be understated.

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This event is being funded by the Welsh Government through the SCoRE Cymru grant programme. SCoRE Cymru is aimed at stimulating Welsh participation in in the European Union’s flagship research and innovation programme, Horizon Europe. For more information visit the link or contact the Horizon Europe Engagement Unit, details on the "Supporting Organisations" page.

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